We've had some great feedback following our seminars with Brenda Aloff.

Here are just two reviews:

Seminar was first class with a great speaker.

Brenda's seminar was like one I had never been to before. I love her enthusiasm and her blunt honesty, she doesn't dress anything up or down and it's nice to be taught in that way. I'm still working on my own ideas of boundaries of dog training and dog behaviour, what I agree with and what I don't etc. There has certainly been food for thought at the seminar this week, and the methods discussed contradict a lot of what is "usually" taught. I very much look forward to researching Brenda's methods and ideas for myself to create my own learning protocols.

Brenda is certainly one of a kind and we look forward to bringing her back again in the future.

Brenda Aloff with Dog and BoneBrenda Aloff with Dog and BoneBrenda Aloff with Dog and Bone