One of the many nice things about being lucky enough to hear all our wonderful speakers is the helpful information you can pick up.

We often hear books recommended so we've taken the plunge and brought some new titles for you to enjoy:

We now have the new and improved Behaviour Adjustment Training book from Grisha Stewart (BAT) version 2.0 with some fantastic advice on dealing with fear, frustration and aggression in dogs.

Patricia McConnel offers advice on helping dogs to conquer their fears in The Cautious Canine and, together with Karen London, tells us how to manage and enjoy a multi-dog household in Feeling Outnumbered.

Pamela Reid, the author of Excel-erated Learning, offers 40 essays on her work with animals in Dog Insight - something Ian Dunbar has described as "a MUST read for all dog owners".

...and finally

For the serious professional behaviourist we have James O'Heare's comprehensive technical manual on Aggressive Behaviour in Dogs.