We are very excited to let you know that we are back up to full stock of Haqihana harnesses and leads, with every size in every colour available.

These harnesses are recommended by behaviour expert Turid Rugaas as they sit further back on the body than most harnesses so they don't rub against the front legs.

The colours are gorgeous and they almost seem to 'shine' in the sun, unfortunately photos just don't do them justice.

To order yours today with free shipping to the UK, visit the leads and harnesses section and click on Haqihana harnesses or Haqihana leads.

If you have any questions about the harnesses, please contact us or give us a ring on 01763 256917.

To watch Turid's video about the benefits of harnesses click here.

"Sandy enjoyed her walk in the sun with her new Haqihana harness today, I was surprised how well I could feel her body movements through the lead compared to her other harnesses."

- Sally Marchant