We're very excited to be bringing you new products this month.

From Nicole Wilde we have her latest book and an invaluable aid to dog trainers.

The book is "Hit by a Flying Wolf" - true tales of rescue, rehabilitation and real life with dogs and wolves.

The aid is a CD Rom containing all the paperwork you'll ever need as a dog trainer.  It's also very easy to personalise with your own logo so you can take credit for all the hard work - you'll find it in the "Other Products" section of the website.

We also have the return of some of Nicole's books: "Getting a Grip on Aggression Cases", "Energy Healing for Dogs", "Wolfdogs A-Z" and the ever popular "Help for Your Fearful Dog".


Some of you have already discovered that the new wine reflective leads and harnesses are now in stock. They're proving so popular it won't be long before we'll have to get in some more.