Robert Falconer TaylorWe're just home after two superb days in Manchester.  Once again we were made very welcome by the Dogs Trust staff at their excellent facility in Denton and were treated to two fabulous seminars by our speakers Robert Falconer-Taylor and David Ryan.

It was the first time we had hosted Robert but already can't wait for the next time.  Presenting the topic of emotions in dogs, Robert gave us a fascinating insight into the workings of the dog's brain and the implications that information has on training methods and the use of any medication to help with behaviour problems.  It is a complex area but Robert was able to give the science and explain everything in laymans terms too and held our attention throughout.  Invaluable information for anyone, be they dog enthusiast or professional.

Having hosted David before, we knew we were in for a treat.  His topic was on dogs that bite and fight. David, another engaging speaker, gave us helpful information on how to tackle aggression problems and prevent them starting in the first place but also presented a wealth of information on where these problems stem from and plenty of statistics to support his findings.

Thank you gentlemen.