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My Haqihana

From time to time Dog & Bone have been sent pictures of beloved pets proudly sporting their new Haqihana harness.  Then one day, Kathryn, one of our customers, made the brilliant suggestion that we should have a page for such pictures so that people could see for themselves how different colours look on different coats and maybe give a little information on why the Haqihana harness works so well for their dog.  So, here it is: 


haqihana picture    Zephyr is a little Shihtzu-x, Her violet harness looks great with her grey and white coat.
haqihana harness  

Quiver, the Labrador, has a brown harness with reflective stitching to blend in with her coat.

This is what her owner tells us:

"Quiver is a typical Labrador & she comes on holiday & days out with us. However, her constantly on the lookout for food & grabbing at every opportunity is problematic. I cannot risk her picking up unknown foods so having the harness on helps with control rather than constantly pulling on her collar which runs the risk of damage in the neck/spinal area." 



Basil is a rescued street dog from Spain with one eye. He is adorable but very anxious and reactive with other dogs. Whilst he is slowly making progress we need to be really sure he is 'escape proof' on walks just to make sure everyone is safe. The Haqihana double H harness was recommended by a fellow 'Streetie' adopter on facebook and we are very pleased with it - we feel that Basil is really secure and thus we are more relaxed when walking him.

Haqihana harness  

Indy's owner tells us:

"The violet haqihana is the best for Indy. She is a little sensible golden retriever and she doesn´t like to wear things, but this harness is so comfortable that it´s like wearing nothing. For me it´s the best too because it doesn´t hurt the neck and paws neither restricts the movements, I think it´s the best!


Ludwig's harness really stands out against that gleaming black coat.

His owner tells us:

"I bought the Haqihana Dachshund Harness in Multicolors (XS L (long)) for Ludwig (1 year) from your online-store. It arrived yesterday and it looks great and fits very well."

She adds "I think, in fall, I’ll order one in blue (love it) for him "


The next three pictures come from Marianna showing her Podencos in their harnesses.

She says:

"They are the best harnesses on the market: fit perfectly, look as good as new after washing and the colours are gorgeous! ...I genuinely believe that they are the best harnesses out there for all breeds / size of dogs. Mine are the full range: 33kg, 15kg and 7kg and the Haqihana harnesses suit all three!"



This handsome fellow, a Weimaraner called Noah, also belongs to Marianna. 

He is seen here sporting his multicoloured harness.


Pit (the Whippet) loves playing with his friend Peter! Both are wearing Haqihana harnesses;) they seem to really enjoy them!



This little lady is Fanta.  Her owner tells us: "Fanta, the queen of my heart, is now also the queen of fashion in the best and most comfortable of harnesses - those made by Haqihana!  We walk a lot and knowing that this convenient harness is nice for her to wear makes us both happy."


In this picture, you can clearly see the fit of the double H harness.  The proud wearer is Tempo.  Tempo's owner tells us "

"Tempo is a rescue podenco, who came from the streets of Spain. He is medium sized but barrel chested - finding a secure harness has always been tricky, he can be nervous outside the house so having the additional belly strap is always good for piece of mind. The Haqihana double H is superb quality and a great fit - I'm very impressed with it. And thank you to dog and bone for their help with my questions about the fit - I'd highly recommend."

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