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SIRIUS Puppy Training

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The first dog training video ever to be made! Through daily handling and gentle exercises, your puppy can also be taught to overcome biting, barking and housetraining behavioural problems. The goal of Sirius Puppy Training is simple... to train dogs to be good companions for people and simply a joy to live with.

SIRIUS Puppy Training

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SIRIUS Puppy Training

by Dr. Ian Dunbar

We are pleased to announce that Sirius Puppy Training was unanimously voted the No 1 best DVD! A fitting award for the first ever dog training video. Sirius Puppy Training was THE VERY FIRST off-leash obedience, behaviour and temperament training programme designed for puppies and has been developed for puppies less than 18 weeks old. It is not intended for the training of adolescent or adult dogs, nor is it intended for the treatment of existing behaviour problems. This DVD emphasises family participation and instructs owners how to teach their puppy basic obedience commands such as 'come', 'sit', 'heel' and 'stay'.

Through daily handling and gentle exercises, your puppy can also be taught to overcome biting, barking and housetraining behavioural problems. The goal of Sirius Puppy Training is simple... to train dogs to be good companions for people and simply a joy to live with.


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About the Presenter:

The world's leading authority on puppy training and dog behaviour, Dr. Ian Dunbar is a veterinarian, animal behaviourist and writer. The original creator and populariser of off-leash puppy classes, he has led a doggy revolution in fun, reward-based dog-friendly dog training.

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Immediately from the onset the style appears dated – it is now 27years old! I would therefore suspect that watchers might be put-off by its dated appearance and that this could become a barrier to the learning opportunity.

The video jumps straight into content without any in-depth introduction to the speaker or topic however does skip along and quickly moves into a physical demonstration of Ian Dunbar’s practical teaching methods.

I am unsure to whom the target audience for watching the video should be?? I probably wouldn’t recommend it to a new owner given the difficulties we are seeing owners deal with in terms of dog-dog inter-relations and under-developed social skills...... (recognising of course that I am based within inner-London and offer advice to people in a very specific set of socioeconomic circumstances that might impact upon the experiential learning of the owners-dogs I am assisting)...

If you are hoping to share this with new puppy owners then I feel that although there is some useful discussion of learning theory it’s practical application is generally demonstrated within a class situation perhaps unlike that which might be experienced presently within the UK – therefore owners might be encouraged to attempt to replicate the exercise of allowing multiple puppy-play/interaction as a reinforce for engagement with the owner and this may have disastrous consequences for any puppy concerned whether more naturally fearful or naturally more bold.

I feel that the video is perhaps better suited to experienced trainers/behaviour counsellors to use to examine advances in learning theory and its application to puppies. It is useful to be able to observe people interacting with different puppies and be able to compare different people and puppies to each other to evaluate progression and the owner-dog relationship.

Ian Dunbar offers some useful verbal commentary but I am not sure that an owner would be able to take instruction from simply watching the video and be able to reproduce the same for their situation without physical assistance and feedback on their performance – which is why face-to-face sessions are so important – as it is all too easy to rehearse the wrong behaviour and confuse our pet dogs.

The sound jumps ever so slightly regularly throughout the 90min viewing, which didn’t put me off but again added to the dated quality of the piece.

I would question whether the speaker himself would agree that the content might require updating (in fact Ian did just that with Sirius Puppy Redux) – as I feel that the types of puppies/dogs we are seeing being kept as pets at present day may differ considerably in terms of social experience, genetic influence and environmental situation to those of 27yr hence??

In all, useful viewing for an instructor or interested party from the perspective of understanding learning theory and its application – although the video itself is prepared with a new puppy owner in mind – as I feel that it will only create more questions in a new owner as alternative methods for teaching specific exercises aren’t covered should someone be struggling.  

As a guide to puppy training it does cover some useful exercises although I don’t feel it is completely comprehensive. However, the speaker has good delivery and it is entertaining watching. It is always a pleasure to watch people and dogs together and encouraging to revisit an older, previous puppy class into their maturity at the end of the video which demonstrates the benefit of training undertaken.

Tamsin Durston RVN, BA Hons, BSc Hons

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