Are you getting a puppy, or know someone who is? Then this informative and easy to follow step-by-step guide is for you. From picking your puppy and your first weeks together to basic life skills and behaviour modification. With this guide, you will have everything you need for the journey with your new puppy.

Testimonials from industry experts

  • Foreword by Dr Ian Dunbar
  • Kay Attwood KCAI and VSPDT
  • Brenda Aloff - Certified Pet Behaviour Consultant IAABC, award winning author and international clinician.
  • Karen Wild CCAB, ABTC-CAB and APBC
  • Kelly Gorman Dunbar (Director of SIRIUS Puppy Training and Founder of the Open Paw Program)

Here to stay is based on sound scientific principles but written in clear, easy to follow English with useful illustrations throughout.  An ideal book for anyone taking on a puppy.

Here to Stay - Training Your Puppy

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