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Save nearly £10 on his all new seminar collection which comprises:


Crucial and cutting edge concepts

Filmed in 2013 for Dog and Bone, this exciting 2-DVD collection records Ian's seminar which comprises a collection of diverse concepts and topics that Dr Dunbar considers to be of crucial importance for raising and training dogs to be good-natured, well-behaved and reliable off-leash.  Much of the syllabus comprises the highlights of Dr Dunbar's Science-Based Dog Training (with feeling) seminar series as it evolved over the course of three years.


Science based dog training

Filmed in 2013 for Dog and Bone, this exciting 6-DVD collection records Ian's three-day seminar which highlights a number of diverse theoretical and practical issues that are severely holding back puppy-raising and dog training.

Dr Dunbar 2013 Seminar DVD Collection

  • This listing is for both Ian's 2013 seminar series DVDs. These are available individually, just search the products page for the individual ones.

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