Does your dog have star potential? Would you like to work on films, TV programs, commercials and photo shoots? If so, this is the course for you.


While you can never predict what actions a producer will want from their canine actors, there are a number of 'tricks' and behaviours that are useful to teach that can be used as a basis for many other behaviours.


Wednesday 4th November, 10am to 4pm. Kelshall, Royston, Hertfordshire. 


Sally Marchant has worked with dogs within the film and TV industry for a number of years, from TV soaps, to photoshoots for commercials, and even at the Royal Opera House! During this workshop, Sally will work with you, within groups and one-to-one, to teach you and your dog the behaviours that are most useful in this environment


Throughout the day, Sally will be recording the skill level of each of the participants and every dog in attendance will have the option to be added to for the option of possible filmwork. This is not obligatory and the day is equally suitable for people who simply want to enjoy the time working with their dog.


This event is suitable for one dog and one handler teams, it is not possible for people to work multiple dogs. Dogs must be sociable enough with other dogs and people to work in close proximity to others.


A basic level of training is required but most dogs who have done some training previously should benefit from the day. Please bring treats, toys and any training items you are currently using such as clickers, markers, target sticks or props (only if you are using these already)


Once you have purchased your ticket, please check your email inbox (and spam folders) for the information about the event. 


Social distancing

There will be a maximum of 5 dogs and handlers at this event plus Sally teaching keeps the group within the limit of 6 people gathering. Each individual will work in their own space so we should not need to come in close contact with each other during the event. Please do bring masks however in case they are needed at tea breaks etc. 

Film and TV Masterclass Wed 4th Nov 10am-4pm

  • “I thoroughly enjoyed spending the day with one of my own Norwich Terriers taking part in the TV and Film workshop. We got to cover a wide range of exercises from various levels and each dog and handler was able to work at their own level and were given guidance to progress in a way that suited each dog best. We've come away from the workshop fully motivated with some new ideas and highly recommend Sally's training workshops to anyone looking for a fun and educational day with their dog! Thankyou all for a lovely day.”

    Joe Nutkins, Head Dog Trainer at Dog Training for Essex & Suffolk


    “Excellent value for money”

    ‘Nice and friendly, well informed and enthusiastic “

    “Kept us busy and interested all the way through”

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