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Dog Tricks and Film and TV Skills

Information for workshop attendees

Thank you for booking your place on this workshop


Times:   10:30   Workshop begins in Marquee

             11:30   Training moves inside coffee barn for ‘at table’ training

             12:00   Workshop ends (people welcome to stay for lunch / further snacks)


Venue:   The Woodman Inn, Nuthampstead, Royston, SG8 8NB Coffee Barn is located inside the Woodman Inn building.


Contact:  Sally Marchant 07905 094308


  • The seminar will start in the Marquee behind The Woodman Inn. The venue does not have heating so please bring suitable clothing / items for yourselves and your dogs.

  • Around 11:30 we will move inside the dog friendly coffee barn. Attendees are welcome to purchase drinks / snacks for themselves and the venue also offers puppycinos for the dogs! Inside we will be working on either a basic ‘settle’ or behaviours (eg ‘watch’) that can be trained from our seats.

  • Dogs must be sociable enough with dogs and people to work in close proximity to others.

  • A basic level of training is required but most dogs who have done some training previously should benefit from the day.

  • We usually have a few books / other products for sale. We can accept cash / card / PayPal or bank transfer.

  • There is a nice walk from the car park opposite the car park entrance if you want to let your dog run off steam before or after the class

  • The coffee shop is open from 10am, please feel free to grab any refreshments to bring into the Marquee for the training session. 

  • For information about our other events and to join our mailing list, visit our Seminars page



There is plenty of space in the car park behind the venue.


Special requirements

If you have any specific dietary requirements, please feel free to contact the venue in advance on 01763 848328 (Monday – Friday, 10am – 2pm) to enquire as to the availability of alternatives.


Please bring

Treats, toys and any training items you are currently using such as clickers, markers, target sticks or props (if you are using these already) Please also bring a blanket / vetbed / mat to encourage your dog to settle, to give them somewhere comfortable during the outside training (we are on paving under the marquee) and to give them a ‘base’ inside.


Further useful information


Follow Me       Eva      Bodfaldt

Here to Stay rescue     Lily       Clark

Here to stay puppies   Lily       Clark

Woofs of wisdom        Tony     Cruse

Fight    Jean     Donaldson

After you get your puppy        Ian       Dunbar

Before you get your puppy     Ian       Dunbar

How to teach a new dog old tricks     Ian       Dunbar

Dog Sports skills book 3          Denise Fenzi

Why does my dog……?            John    Fisher

101 uses for a poo bag book  Sally     Marchant

Beginners guide to agility       Sally     Rowe

Beginners guide to obedience            Sally     Rowe

Helping minds meet   Helen    Zulch

Life skills for puppies  Helen    Zulch


Brenda Aloff's Fundamentals Brenda Aloff

Ask the Dog Nina Bondarenko

Loose Lead walking Nina Bondarenko

2017 lectures - Behaviour & Training Problems Ian Dunbar

2017 lectures - Biting & Fighting Ian Dunbar

2017 lectures - Easiest way…to train your dog Ian Dunbar

2017 lectures - Programs - dog professionals Ian Dunbar

Crucial and cutting edge concepts Ian Dunbar

Science based dog training Ian Dunbar

Dog Aggression - Biting Ian Dunbar

Dog Aggression - Fighting Ian Dunbar

Dog Training For Children Ian Dunbar

Every Picture Tells a Story Ian Dunbar

Sirius Adult Ian Dunbar

Sirius Puppy Redux Ian Dunbar

Sirius Puppy Training Ian Dunbar

Training Dogs With Dunbar-Fun Training…I an Dunbar

TCD 1 - Socialisation and early training Ian Dunbar

TCD 2 - Behaviour training + Household Ian Dunbar

TCD 3 - Walking to heel, jumping up Ian Dunbar

TCD 4 - Recalls, stays and distance Ian Dunbar

Training the companion Dog 4 DVD set Ian Dunbar

Who Trains Whom Ian Dunbar

Am I Safe? Sarah Kalnajs 


If you’d like to prepare in advance, here are some suggested videos:


We have a number of books and DVDs available at clearance prices. If you are interested in purchasing any of the below, please let me know and I can bring them along (you don't have to buy just because i've brought it!)...

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