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Previous work

Much of the work we complete is confidential so we can't share it here, however a selection of the clips we have been given permission to share are below.

February 2022
Dolly (154) and Maggie (246) and Diesel the cat had a great couple of days filming For Bissell. We made sure that the dogs and cat were filmed and housed separately to make sure everyone stayed safe, and that no one struggled with concentration!

February 2021
Lemmy (165) had a lovely day in Bristol filming for "Silly Animals" a kids TV show where she played Gary the dog, voiced by comedian Alan Carr (Lemmy appears about half way through this clip).

Lemmy's main job was to sit facing the camera ready for the CGI team to make her 'talk' afterwards. We didn't get to meet Alan Carr, but the filming team were lovely and we all had a great day.

Filmwork Lemmy 2020 2.jpg
Lemmy on set.jpg
Lemmy on set 2.jpg

January 2021
Bernie (063) and Tazmania (228) were thoroughly spoiled at their shoot in Hertford for Pet Head Shampoo. The cast and crew were so friendly and understanding of the dog's needs. And the dogs performed brilliantly. 

​©Company of Animals
Photography: Stephen Belcher
Agency: BPL Marketing

Pet Head Bernie.jpeg

Cosy Feet - YouTube advert (number 2)
In October 2019, Labrador Fernie (123) was invited back to the Cosy Feet studio for another advert video shoot.

It was lovely catching up with the cast and crew from as many of them were the same as the filming for this group in 2017.

McArthur Glen Christmas photo shoot
In April 2019 Reggie (013) attended a photoshoot for McArthur Glen. The crew and models were lovely, the young models especially loved having a dog at their shoot!


Film - The Roads Not Taken
In January 2019 Florence (196) the terrier had an adventure to London for an overnight shoot for a film. The location was a large warehouse superstore and so the filming was done overnight as the store was unable to close during the day. Filming started at about 9pm and went through till about 3am!

Legally Blonde theatre show
In April 2017 Skyler (001) appeared in a local theatre production of Legally Blonde, she played both 'Rufus' and 'Bruiser' in a sold out, 5 show run!


Skinners pet food - photo shoot
March 2016 - Skyler (001) and Donut (066) took part in a photo shoot for Skinners pet food. Tavy (016) also attended but unfortunately his shots didn't make the final cut


Cosy Feet - YouTube advert
In February 2017, Nik brought Labrador Fernie (123) along to a full day shoot in Bath for this youtube advert.

​The 'walking' shot and the 'sitting on a bench' still shot were completed within the first few hours, then the final 'lying in a bed' still shot was done at the end of the afternoon!

It was a long day, but Fernie seemed to enjoy all of the attention from the cast and crew!

ITV TV advert
In October 2015, Molly (030) and her sister Daisy starred in this short clip for ITV. They were playing Simon Cowell's dogs, although unfortunately those aren't actually Simon Cowell's legs in the shot!

The action of 'sit and wait, then run behind the legs' was fairly easy to get, by placing a treat for each, either side just behind the actor's legs, then asking them for a 'sit and wait' before releasing them to get their treats. The end product was quite effective. 

​LV ident advert for ITV
In September 2015, Skyler (001), Dexter (058) and Archie (034) were on set in Basingstoke for 2 days to take part in these 4 clips for LV insurance who were sponsoring ITV's Jekyll & Hyde. The production company was The Light Side and Director Dan Pringle.

Flockstars TV program
June 2015 Grayling was filmed for a show for ITV. Unfortunately the footage was cut from the finished production, despite the production team saying they had achieved 3 times the amount of clips they were expecting from the day!

Flockstars TV program
June 2015 Grayling was filmed for a show for ITV. Unfortunately the footage was cut from the finished production, despite the production team saying they had achieved 3 times the amount of clips they were expecting from the day!


Veterinary training video
In November 2013, Molly and her two canine companions spent the day in Peterborough helping Nuvet create a veterinary training video and a promotional video for the practice. The producers liked the fact that Molly had some 'stunt doubles' in case she got tired but Molly ended up doing the whole shoot herself with no problems!

David Lloyd YouTube advert
In August 2013, Smurf was required to cock his leg on a 'jogger' actor in a park in Cambridgeshire, but not to actually pee! He did the job very well and the crew all thought he was fantastic.


The Vamps - music video
Riley performed his role perfectly in this music video in July 2013. His role was to 'wake up' the lead singer (who was hanging upside down from a climbing frame) by licking his face!


Random Acts - Channel 4 'short'
In June 2012, Sandy featured in this short video, where two men embark on an epic physical journey evolving before your eyes. They seek to define and express the symbiotic relationship between rhythm and movement... or do they?

MyVetProgram - online advert
In April 2012, Lily had a staring role in the video for, where she had to remind her owner about all the things she had forgotten to do.


Photoshoot - general
In October 2011, Sandy attended a photo shoot in London for a photographer wanting to work on his port folio.

PDSA - photoshoot
On 29th May 2008, Sandy (002), Dylan (007), Duster (013) and Tavy (016) went down to Oxfordshire for a photo shoot for the PDSA for a magazine called 'Companions'. They all performed wonderfully and they sent us some of the shots.


Paul O'Grady - TV program
On 31st March 2008, Duster appeared on the Paul O'Grady show, live on channel 4. We arrived at lunch time and ran through our bit, took Duster for a few walks and met Buster and Olga (Paul's dogs). Duster was fantastic, she was only a young pup but was perfectly behaved, saying hello nicely to everyone who walked past and settling to have a nap when things got quiet. She didn't bat an eyelid to the bright lights, loud noises and even the vet who was asking Jackie (her owner) how she was getting on with clicker training. Definitely a great sign of the amount of work Jackie has done to socialise her to strange events.


Animal Crackers - TV program
In March 2008 the entire film class, Lady 001, Sandy 002, Steffi 003, Badger 015, Dylan 007 and Panza 005, were the filmed for a slot on 'Animal Crackers'. Lady and Sandy thoroughly enjoyed their training and sat quietly while I was interviewed for the program. Steffi, Badger, Dylan and Panza completed their tests (all achieving pass marks) very well considering they had a large camera pointing in their faces for most of it.

Nicktoons - ident for Nickelodeon
In February 2008 Teddy (021) took part in a short filming job for Nickelodeon, they wanted a small dog walking along a pavement which they would later 'morph' into a monster! The finished piece went out in August on Nick Toons!

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