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Hosting a Dog & Bone seminar

Sally is available to teach a 1 day Film and TV Masterclass workshops throughout the UK.


Seminars to teach owners and their dogs the behaviours required for film and TV work. The event will include assessment throughout the day and suitable dogs may be given the opportunity to be added to 'Available Dogs' list and put forward for film and TV work. This is not obligatory and the day is equally suitable for people who simply want to spend a day working with their dog. Attendees will need to bring a selection of treats and toys and something to encourage their dog to settle, for example a crate or blanket.


Who the seminars are suitable for

One dog and one owner teams, it is not possible for people to work multiple dogs. Dogs must be sociable enough with other dogs and people to work in close proximity to others. Basic training is required but a range of abilities in one class is also possible as the group is split into ability groups. Spectator places are usually available.



Indoor area with enough space for the group to sit on chairs around the edge while others are working their dogs at up to 6 feet away from the handler. Maximum 8 working handlers and dogs (occasionally we can increase this with two trainers, please get in touch to discuss this) and unlimited spectators. Please ensure the attendees are suitable for the course. An outdoor area is nice but not required. A good sized tale is required to set up some items and we may bring a few products of my own stock to sell. The event starts with a 30 minute presentation at the start of the day, during this time sometimes dogs are left in vehicles or crates. We need a projector and screen for this and can supply our own if required.



The seminars usually run from 9am to 3pm or 10am to 4pm with a 1 hour lunch break. Weekdays are preferred but we can do occasional weekends.



Please contact us for our daily rate.  We may be able to supply our own Motorhome for our own accommodation and if so, would require is a flat parking space (approx 2 standard parking spaces long), ideally with access to a power socket. We don't require other site facilities. Mileage is charged at 45p per mile from Royston (Hertfordshire). 


Want to suggest a venue?

If you would like to suggest a venue for Dog & Bone to host a workshop, please contact us with the address, availability, charges, facilities (tea / coffee facilities / parking etc) and dimensions and pictures showing the inside of the venue.

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