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Online dog training and behaviour information

Naturally Happy Dogs - online video library


Naturally Happy Dogs is the place to go for information about dog training, behaviour, health, therapies, activities, sports...pretty much anything you want to know about dogs - and it's completely FREE

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Naturally Happy Dogs are now on YouTube! Click 'subscribe' on any video on their channel to be the first to hear when new videos are live.


Free puppy books

Before you get your new puppy boo

FREE e-Book

This book is a MUST READ for anyone thinking of getting a puppy. Puppies should be raised in an errorless housetraining and chewtoy-training set-up. This is very easy to do and everything you need to know is described in this little book.



FREE e-Book

This easy-to-read book covers housesoiling, destructive chewing, barking, separation anxiety, socialization, handling, puppy biting, bite-inhibition and preventing adolescent problems.



FREE e-Book

A brief but comprehensive guide to puppy training, socialisation, temperament training and behaviour modification and tips for teaching basic manners. Dr. Dunbar’s lure/reward training techniques are perfect for instructing good-natured, but otherwise uneducated adult dogs.


Thank you to Dunbar Academy for supplying these free copies of these books. Please see below for more information about their fantastic services. 

Dunbar Academy - online courses

Easy, effective and enjoyable dog training techniques delivered in online courses.

"Dunbar Dog Training Principles - We can teach YOU how to train your dog, and have oodles of fun in the process! Regardless of your level of experience we have the tools and techniques you need to train a well-behaved dog."

Visit to find out all about the one-off and subscription offers available. There are many different options, we recommend the four below...

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The Ultimate Dunbar Collection

Lifetime access to over 100 hours of Dr. Ian Dunbar's dog training videos.


Behaviour Problems

Dog aggression

Digital books and videos

Dog Trainer Academy

Dog training seminars

Dog training workshops

Information for Vets

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Free Course Collection.jpg

Free Course Collection

This collection of free courses is intended for anyone interested in dogs — for prospective, new, or longtime puppy/dog owners and for dog professionals.

All of these courses are free.

Please enroll in all of them by using the button above and share the information with all of your friends that love dogs.

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Dog Lovers Library.jpg

Dog Lover's Library

All stages of dog training from when you start your search for a new puppy or dog, through puppy training to adolescent and adult dog training. Teach your dog to comply promptly, happily and willingly, even when off-leash. Covering basic manners and the most common behavior, temperament and training problems.

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Top Dog Academy 2.jpg

Top Dog


Advanced understanding of dog behaviour and a superior set of skills for improving basic manners, behaviour, and temperament. 

Online access to everything in the Dog Lover’s Library, (including 4 eBooks and 13 videos), PLUS over 100 hours of dog behaviour and training seminars and workshops.

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