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How to Human with Grisha Stewart

This evening talk, by Grisha Stewart, was unusual for Dog and Bone in that the focus was not on dogs but their owners.  Having said that, it was easy to see how we can learn from dog training how to apply some of the ideas to ourselves and maybe be a little kinder to ourselves in the process.

With our busy, stressful lives, we can often overlook our own needs so it was invaluable, in this two and a half talk, to take time to stop and consider them.  Grisha looked at how to investigate what our own needs might be and how to ask for help from others in meeting them in a way that is non-confrontational.  She also demonstrated how we can bring a little calm into our lives through meditation and breathing techniques. Finally, she showed us how we can focus on the good in our lives.

All in all a fabulous and very useful evening for dog trainer and non dog trainer alike.

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