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"Poo bags come in a surprising variety of sizes, qualities, colours, scents, biodegradability etc, but one thing we have noticed is that they can also have a surprising number of different uses.

I joked once about there probably being 101 different uses for a poo bag and the idea was born. I then spent a couple of years mulling the idea over, discussing possible uses with friends and even using social media to compare stories. Gathering the 101 uses has been an unexpectedly funny and enjoyable experience, I hope you enjoy reading these ideas as much as I enjoyed compiling them!"

- Sally Marchant

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101 Uses for a Poo Bag

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  • Ian Dunbar PhD, BVetMed, BSc, MRCVS Berkeley, California

    "Obviously, this little book was written with a wry smile and a soupçon of whimsy but aside from the obvious, there are oodles of really useful alternate uses for poo bags, such as to cover your car mirrors to prevent them from icing overnight, to keep your bicycle seat dry when parked in the rain, carrying slobbery tennis balls, or as gloves when using a petrol pump.

    However, my all-time favourite is "for covering your shoe when you’ve unintentionally stepped in dog poo." Just last week, when walking a dog to get her to go poo when on a staycation in Union Square (San Francisco), I stepped in dog poo hidden in the grass, not once … but twice. Both times I hopped back to the hotel and through the lobby to the bathroom to clean my shoe … and … both times I had three poo bags in my pocket! Duh! Wish I had read this book earlier."

  • Sally Marchant has been working with dogs and other animals (a wide variety, from hamsters to zoo animals) since she was 12 years old. Sally graduated at Bishop Burton with a First Class Honours degree in Applied Animal Behaviour and Training and has since run training classes, run 1-2-1 behaviour consults and appeared as a guest speaker at seminars.

    Sally films and edits articles for the online video library and runs seminars for dog professionals through Sally teaches seminars to help people train their dogs to be ready for TV and film work and regularly provides dogs from the 'available dogs' page of for photo shoots, stage shows and TV work.

    Sally currently lives with one dog, one cat, one husband and one toddler. Sally has competed in agility, obedience, flyball and ‘Scruffts’.

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