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“ASK, DON’T TELL” the dog  - this is how Nina Bondarenko taught her Rottweilers.


As Programme Director for Canine Partners, Nina based the Assistance Dogs’ development on errorless learning and motivational training. This allows each dog to learn and train at their own appropriate pace and level, thereby avoiding the potential stressors of confusion, anxiety or frustration.


“Dogs can then tell us what they know and SURPRISE us. I now use this training approach to all dogs and puppies” (Nina)


Nina demonstrates examples of different types of training and explains why a dog can “shut down”.  


Many people want to learn how to punish their dog, so Nina discusses what is a correction or what is punishing for an individual dog and how to interrupt or modify unwanted behaviour by the ‘Learn to Earn’ approach -  the dog loses the chance to carry out a desired behaviour, or earns the chance to carry out a desired behaviour. This type of training puts a dog into curiosity and interaction mode rather than conflict and stress mode.


ASK DON’T TELL – in her inimitable, entertaining and lively style, Nina teaches us how to improve our own training habits and be aware of what is salient to the dog.


(Disc 1: 54 minutes / Disc 2: 45 minutes)

"Ask the Dog" seminar with Nina Bondarenko

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  • Nina Bondarenko’s unparalleled knowledge and experience with dogs has established her as the go-to behaviourist for London vets. Whatever challenge you and your dog are facing, her in-depth understanding of the human animal bond will help you talk to your dog and be understood.

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