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Never one to sit back and relax, in 2017 Dr Ian Dunbar was on a mission to re-evaluate the world of dog training and came to the UK to share his views.  He presented four days of seminars for Dog and Bone ( These seminars are now available as four sets of 2 DVDs.


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Day 4 - Behaviour Programs for Dog Professionals

The world of dog husbandry and training is in dire need of another quantum leap! The time is long overdue for all dog professions (breeders, veterinarians, pet store retailers, trainers and shelters/rescues) to utterly re-evaluate and re-focus their practices and to champion a combined focus on educating prospective and new puppy owners vis a vis puppy raising, so that puppies stay in their original homes instead of being surrendered to shelters as adolescents. So believes Ian Dunbar.  In this seminar, he shares his vision of the future where dog professionals take collective responsibility for creating a happier relationship between dogs and their owners.

This 1-day lecture is aimed at dog professionals but may also be of interest to pet dog owners. 

2 disc set

154/139 minutes

Behaviour Programs for Dog Professionals

  • Veterinarian, animal behaviorist, and dog trainer, Dr. Ian Dunbar (PhD, BSc, BVetMed, MRCVS)  has authored numerous books and DVDs about puppy/dog behavior and training. In 1982, Dr. Dunbar designed and taught the world’s very first off-leash puppy socialization and training classes — SIRIUS® Puppy Training. In 1993 he founded the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.

    Subsequently, he created and developed the San Francisco SPCA’s Animal Behavior Department, the American Kennel Club's Gazette "Behavior" column, which he wrote for seven years, and the K9 GAMES®. 

    He hosted the popular UK television series Dogs With Dunbar for five seasons and has appeared on numerous radio and television programs. Additionally, Dr. Dunbar has consulted on a variety of movies — full-length features, documentaries and animation (including Pixar’s UP) and he has twice spoken at the prestigious Conference (TED).  

    Over the past 40+ years, Dr. Dunbar has given nearly 1500 one-day seminars and workshops for dog trainers and veterinarians in an effort to popularize off-leash puppy socialization classes, temperament modification, and owner-friendly and dog-friendly dog training. 

    Currently, Dr. Dunbar is President of the APDT Foundation, TopDog (CEO) of the Center for Applied Animal Behavior and Scientific Director for — a free online, multi-media educational website for puppy and dog owners. 

  • Feedback from some of our attendees from this event:

    "Loved all four days"

    "Blown away"

    "Learned so much"

    "Fantastic and inspiring four days"

    "Amazing, engaging and informative"

    "Lots of useful info, well communicated"

    "Ian is the Willy Wonka of the dog world"

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