Are you getting a rescue dog, or work with those that do? This informative and palatable step-by-step guide is for you. Covering basics life skills to behaviour modification, you will have everything you need for your new journey with your rescue dog.

Testimonials from industry experts

  • Foreword by Dr Ian Dunbar
  • Karen Wild CCAB
  • Kelly Gorman Dunbar (Open Paw Founder)
  • Kay Attwood KCAI

Here to stay is based on sound scientific principles but written in clear, easy to follow English with useful illustrations throughout.  An ideal book not only for anyone taking on a rescue dog for the first time but for all first-time dog owners.

Here to Stay - Training Your Rescue Dog

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  • Lily says "I strive to continuously educate myself in the most up-to-date scientific research. It is still surprising how many trainers are working using old and detrimental methods. It soon shows that where knowledge ends, violence begins. I gained a first class degree in Animal Behaviour and shortly after began working as the Dog Trainer and Behaviour Coordinator, at the National Animal Welfare Trust. I am a full member of the APDT, ABTC and provisional APBC. I have a soft spot for rescue dogs and strive for that light bulb moment when the dog realises what it needs to do. Anyone who says they have a ‘perfect’ dog is fibbing and it is unacceptable and delusional to portray that dogs have to be perfectly behaved and bomb-proof. They are thinking, feeling creatures with a mind of their own. We can only guide them as best as we can with our current level of knowledge. I run Suppawt, a bespoke, understanding and tailored training service. We specialise in Rescue dogs and those with reactivity."

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