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Thursday 5th September - Manchester - "Barking Up the Right Tree"

Venue TBC


Saturday 7th September - Stoneleigh - "Peace in the Pack"

The Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh, Kenilworth CV8 2LZ


Sunday 8th September - Stoneleigh - "Resolving Dog-Dog Reactivity"

The Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh, Kenilworth CV8 2LZ


Monday 9th September - St Albans - "Barking Up the Right Tree"

Venue TBC


Tuesday 10th September - Maidstone - "Barking Up the Right Tree"

Venue TBC


Thursday 12th September - Southampton - "Barking Up the Right Tree"

Venue TBC


Friday 13th September - Bristol - "Barking Up the Right Tree"

Venue TBC


All events are 10am until 5pm with an optional Q&A session 5pm-6pm. 


Topic Descriptions


Barking Up the Right Tree: The Quickest and Most Effective Way to Teach Verbally-Cued Responses and Resolve Misbehavior and Non-Compliance.

This seminar provides a valuable toolkit for professionals, comprising simple, fast, and powerful methods that will transform your training skills and those of your clients. Objectively quantifying ease, speed, and effectiveness of training techniques is an integral part of the process that makes training science-based. And who would have guessed that dog training could be so Easy and this much FUN!


Peace in the Pack and The Development of Canine Social Hierarchies

Dr. Dunbar spent ten years researching canine sex differences in behaviour. Obviously, differences in mating behavior but also, secondary sex differences, such as urination postures (of which there are a good dozen), social rank, and dog-dog aggression. At the time, 'dominance hierarchies' were a hot topic. The UC Berkeley dog study searched for instances of physical 'domination' and 'alpha dogs' but instead, observed lots of insecure, growly, middle-ranking, male dogs, numerous short squabbles, but hardly any dogfights. Growing up together (with next to no human intervention), the dogs developed an extremely sophisticated social structure and by and large, lived in pack harmony. True 'top dogs' are cool & confident and seldom threaten or fight, they don't need to.


Resolving Dog-Dog Reactivity: The Missing Parts of the Puzzle (with video demos)

When dogs are involved in a scuffle, scrap, or dogfight, owners often lay blame on the other dog and owner, and sometimes on their own dog. However, it takes two to tango, or in this case four: your dog, the other dog, the other owner, and you. When two dogs and their owners approach each other, dogs and owners often become increasingly anxious, stressed, fearful, and in extreme cases, downright scared. If one of the four reacts, all four will erupt, causing the original dog to erupt more and so, create a vicious circle. Owners often feel helpless because they feel there is nothing they can do to change or stop the other dog’s behavior. But there is, and they can.




To find out more about Ian, check 'about the speaker' on the right hand side of this page, and to find out more about the topics, there is further information on each also on the right of this page. 


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Please see the "FAQ" section to the right of this page for more information. We will email all attendees with further information nearer to the event.


£95.00 Regular Price
£85.00Sale Price
  • Ian Dunbar seminars...

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    "Fantastic and inspiring four days"

    "Amazing, engaging and informative"

    "Lots of useful info, well communicated"

    "Ian is the Willy Wonka of the dog world"


    Dog & Bone events in general...

    "lovely friendly team. Thank you."

    "My first ever seminar and I thought it was great - will deffo attend more"

    "A very well run event, friendly, professional, I look forward to the next one" Gill C

    "Well organised, good communication, very thoughtful refreshments catering for all tastes/needs, good venue." Shirly F

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