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LOOSE LEAD WALKING and WORKING WONDERS BELT Nina Bondarenko BA, IAABC, AABP What do we mean when we want a dog to walk either on a loose lead or at heel? People know what they don’t want but aren’t always clear what they want the dog to do instead. We cannot demand something from a dog until we are absolutely clear. You must decide exactly what “loose lead” or “walking to heel” etc means for you. For example, do you want the dog not to lunge or jump at people or dogs, to stop marking or scavenging or to walk without resisting or baulking?


In this DVD of Nina’s 2014 seminar, Nina reviews the options available in the current literature such as “be a tree”, “penalty yards”, "jerk and pull" and looks at head halters, harnesses – back fasten and front fasten -, choke chains, prong collars, electric collars and spray collars.


Nina discusses how these tools affect and influence the dog, and she then explores how to help the dog with theory and practice. Topics include: errorless learning, incremental learning, LAT, directed scavenge and using limited parameters to teach the dog to actively participate in learning.


Nina also demonstrates the Working Wonders belt and discusses the best situations in which to use it.


(Disc 1: 125 minutes / Disc 2: 106 minutes)

Loose Lead Walking with Nina Bondarenko

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  • Nina Bondarenko’s unparalleled knowledge and experience with dogs has established her as the go-to behaviourist for London vets. Whatever challenge you and your dog are facing, her in-depth understanding of the human animal bond will help you talk to your dog and be understood.

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