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Filmed in 2013 for Dog and Bone, this exciting new 6-DVD collection records Ian's three-day seminar which highlights a number of diverse theoretical and practical issues that are severely holding back puppy-raising and dog training.


Science Based Dog Training (with feeling): A 2013 three-day seminar

by Dr Ian Dunbar


Day 1 We continue to waste Puppyhood!

Dr Dunbar looks at how to predict and prevent the many problems that are created in puppyhood: house-soiling, destructive chewing, excessive barking, separation anxiety, fearfulness and aggression.  He explains how puppy prevention of behaviour problems is as easy as it is enjoyable.

(Disc 1: 139 minutes / Disc 2: 138 minutes)


Day 2 Learning theory redux and binary verbal feedback

Learning theory was laboratory-generated from studies with computers, very different than when people train dogs off-leash and at a distance.  Dr Dunbar explains how, using our voice as feedback, we can radically increase the speed and effectiveness of learning, achieving absolute compliance without fear or pain.

(Disc 1: 176 minutes / Disc 2: 120 minutes)


Day 3 Off-leash lure/reward training

Day 3 looks at:

  • How to quickly and easily teach reliable, off-leash verbal control at a distance, with distractions
  • How to phase out food lures and rewards quickly and replace them with hand-signals and life rewards
  • How to turn distractions into high-level life rewards
  • How to motivate your dog to the max
  • How to convert problems: barking, jumping up, pulling and running away, into ultra-mega life rewards
  • How to make science-based dog training fun

(Disc 1: 180 minutes / Disc 2: 152 minutes)

Science Based Dog Training (with feeling)

  • The world's leading authority on puppy training and dog behaviour, Dr. Ian Dunbar is a veterinarian, animal behaviourist and writer. The original creator and populariser of off-leash puppy classes, he has led a doggy revolution in fun, reward-based dog-friendly dog training.

  • • Science Based Training (With Feeling) &
    • Crucial & Cutting Edge Concepts in Dog Training both by Dr Ian Dunbar

    These two DVDs are high quality films of Dr Dunbar’s seminars in July of 2013. 'Science
    Based Dog Training' has 15 hours of content, and 'Crucial & Cutting Edge Concepts' has 6 hours of content. For £60 and £25 respectively they represent excellent value for money, but only if the content is of high value. I am pleased to say that Dr Dunbar has delivered content of the very highest value.

    As a scientist and pioneer of modern companion dog training, he is in a unique position to assess the development of new ideas and methods. In these DVD's he examines some of these ideas and explains his own beliefs and methods. Dr Dunbar has the ability to bring clarity to the principles of learning theory, in particular how to avoid getting bogged down with the terminology. He also examines the relevance of traditional learning theory to the dog trainer of today.

    He excels at identifying the crucial elements of an inappropriate behaviour and the appropriate methods to deal with it. From super–charging the food treat to differential
    counter conditioning, he not only explains the tools you need, but does so in a clear and
    engaging manner.

    I believe that these DVDs should be part of every trainers and behaviourists armoury.

    Regan Skinner MBIPDT

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