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Your First Obedience Show - A Survival Guide

by Sally Rowe

Want to start competing in obedience? Compete already but find all the rules confusing?

'Your First Obedience Show' is a perfect beginners guide to anyone thinking of entering the world of competitive agility. An excellent 28 page booklet with rules / regulations and general advice to help you survive obedience shows.


Mary Ray (Winner of Dog Obedience Championships - Crufts 2003) says "This is a very clear and concise handbook which will be an invaluable help to anyone deciding to start entering obedience shows" Roy Page (Obedience Council Chairman) says the book is "a really valuable book which is crammed with the answers to every conceivable question".


Contents include: -

SHOW TYPES (Championship Obedience Shows / Open Obedience Shows / Limited Obedience Shows / Matches / Companion dog shows)

CLASS LEVELS (Pre-Beginners / Beginners / Class A / Class B / Class C)

The tests (exercises) (Heel on lead / Heel free / Recall / Send Away and Drop / Stays / Retrieve a Dumb-bell / Article / Scent discrimination)

Marking - How to enter a show (Are you ready yet? / Getting the Schedule / What's in a schedule? / Filling in the Entry Form / Rules to remember)

What to do at the show (The night before / What to take / On arrival / Booking in / The score sheet / Preparation / In the ring / Training rounds / Afterwards)

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About the author

Dog Trainer and Behaviourist, Sally Rowe, first started agility at the age of 15.  Three years later she had been awarded the Agility Club Instructors' Award and was writing books on the subject!

Your First Obedience Show

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