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Working Wonders Belt

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The original, hands-free, Working Wonders Belt.


Even fairly small dogs can have a surprising amount of pulling power, so teaching them to walk well on a lead without resorting to inhumane tactics and while protecting your own body from aching back and wrists is a challenge. Fortunately, Nina Bondarenko came up with a brilliantly simple solution - the Working Wonders Belt


When used for lead-training, this is designed to be worn low on the waist with the point where the lead attaches to the side of the body. This protects the handler's hand and wrist from being jerked by an over-enthusiastic dog and the handler's back from being wrenched by lunging. It also leaves the handler's hands free to reward correct behaviour with treats. It is designed to be used in conjunction with a very short lead.


Engineered from the highest grade, military webbing, and guaranteed not to mould, rot or fade, the Working Wonders Belt features extra strong machine stitching, an ultra-thin design for maximum comfort and an ergonomic but secure, quick-release buckle.


Available in black only. Suitable for waist sizes from 27" / 68cm to 48" / 122cm


Short Leads

Because dogs come in all sizes, the leads do too.The measurement needs to go from where the lead attaches to your Working Wonders Belt to where it attaches comfortably to the dog. The larger the dog, the shorter the lead. All leads have a measure of adjustability. They come in the following approximate sizes:


Long:19 - 30 inches
Medium: 14 - 20 inches
Short: 11 - 14 inches
Extra Short: 10 - 12 inches

Working Wonders Belts and Short leads are sold separately


More information

If you'd like more information on Nina's Loose Lead training ideas, the DVD of her one-day seminar can be found on the DVDs product page.

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