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Don't miss out - Brenda Aloff, Kamal Fernandez, Craig Ogilvie

We're gearing up for our next seminars. First up, in June, is Brenda Aloff. Brenda is always a hit with attendees, providing valuable information in a very engaging way and this will be no exception. "Canine Body Language" is an enormously useful topic for both pet owners and anyone working with dogs.

Kamal is bringing his "Making Your Dog Training Classes Fun and Effective" to a whole new audience in July as this was such a success last time with Dog and Bone, and a seminar on "Shaping" which sounds fab.

Finally, a new speaker to Dog and Bone is Craig Ogilvie sharing his ideas on "Interactive Play Skills". Sally, from Dog and Bone, had the good fotrune to hear Craig speak at another event recently and was very impressed so we feel lucky that he'll be working with us in October.


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