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Calling All Dog Professionals and Enthusiasts…Ian Dunbar’s 2024 UK Tour is Coming Soon!

‘Dog & Bone’ and ‘Dogology Dogs’ proudly present the Ian Dunbar UK Tour 2024, an unmissable opportunity to delve into the fascinating world of ethical and effective dog training.

Seminar Highlights

Barking Up the Right Tree: Unleashing Effective Training Methods

Discover the secrets behind successful dog training. Ian Dunbar, a world-renowned expert, will guide you through the quickest and most effective ways to teach verbally-cued responses, increase and maintain cue reliability, resulting in reduced 'misbehaviour' – ethical, simple, fast, and powerful methods that will transform your training skills and those of your clients.

Peace in the Pack: Navigating Canine Social Hierarchies

Ever wondered how to maintain harmony in a multi-dog household? Ian Dunbar unravels the complexities of group dynamics. Learn how to foster cooperation, prevent conflicts, and create a balanced pack. True 'top dogs' are cool & confident and seldom threaten or fight, they don't need to. This seminar explores 10 years of research into sex differences, social rank, and dog-dog aggression. Whether you have one dog or a whole group, this seminar is your roadmap to creating a healthy group dynamic.

Resolving Dog-Dog Reactivity: The Missing Parts of the Puzzle (with video demos)

In this seminar Dunbar dives into the psychology of dog-dog reactivity. When dogs are reactive, owners often feel helpless because they feel there is nothing they can do to change or stop the other dog's behaviour. But there is, and they can. This seminar delves into assessing bite history, selecting the best training method for the individual dog, how classical and operant conditioning can work together, turning toys into mega reinforcers, teaching dogs to become less threatening to others, and preventing reactivity appearing in the first place. Attendees will discover practical strategies to transform reactive responses into more desirable behaviours.

Why Attend?

  • Expert Insights: Ian Dunbar’s wealth of knowledge spans decades. His research-backed methods have transformed countless lives - both human and canine.

  • Interactive Learning: Engage with fellow dog lovers, ask questions, and share your own experiences. This isn’t just a seminar; it’s a community of like-minded dog enthusiasts meeting together to supercharge their knowledge.

  • In Person Seminar: Expect laughter, heartwarming stories, and lots of opportunities for networking.

  • Exclusive Offers: signed copies of Ian Dunbar’s books, and more!

Save the Dates

✓ Thursday 5th September (Manchester)

✓ Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th September (Stoneleigh)

✓ Monday 9th September (Hertfordshire)

✓ Tuesday 10th September (Kent)

✓ Thursday 12th September (Southampton)

✓ Friday 13th September (Bristol)

Secure Your Spot!

Tickets are launching on Tuesday 12th March at 10am. The first 20% of tickets sold will receive an Early Bird discount of £10 (per topic!).

Click here to book your place (once information goes live!)

Whether you’re a seasoned dog trainer, a newbie or a keen dog guardian, this tour promises to leave you inspired. Don’t miss out - because when it comes to understanding our canine companions, Ian Dunbar is truly barking up the right tree!


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