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Robert Falconer Taylor returns

We are very much looking forward to hosting Robert Falconer-Taylor again, in March next year.

The last time we hosted Robert was in Manchester. For 2018 we decided to bring Robert further south so that more lucky people get to hear him. Last time we found what he told us about EMRA (Emotion, Mood and Reinforcement Assessment) fascinating. Because the emphasis has been purely on looking at dog behaviour and how to change it for so many years, it's easy to forget that dogs have an emotional life too and that these emotions can play a big part in a dog's propensity to learn.

For Robert's next seminar he will share his knowledge of EMRA again and is adding a second day to talk about the effect of pain and nutrition on behaviour. As with people, a dog's mental state is affected by being in pain or by what they eat. We are looking forward to learning how to spot the signs that something internal is wrong and what we can do about it.

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