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Hello from the new team

27 Jan 2014 11:33:35

Just a quick note to say hello, from the new owners of Dog & Bone - Kevin, Sally & Pauline. We are looking forward to continuing in the proud tradition of this great company, running amazing seminars and selling a wide range of professional toys, books, DVDs and other canine products. We are also hoping to bring some fresh new changes and products moving forward, watch this space!

If you'd like to get in touch...

* Sally will be organising the Seminars (sally at dog-and-bone.co.uk)

* Pauline will be running the Shop (pauline at dog-and-bone.co.uk)

* Kevin will be sorting all the technical things and will run the seminars on the day (kev at dog-and-bone.co.uk)

* Office dog Sandy will be our chief product-tester (she prefers not to give out her email address!)

Comments | Posted By Sally Marchant

New Haqihana stock has arrived

25 Feb 2014 11:49:58

We are very excited to let you know that we are back up to full stock of Haqihana harnesses and leads, with every size in every colour available.

These harnesses are recommended by behaviour expert Turid Rugaas as they sit further back on the body than most harnesses so they don't rub against the front legs.

The colours are gorgeous and they almost seem to 'shine' in the sun, unfortunately photos just don't do them justice.

To order yours today with free shipping to the UK, visit the leads and harnesses section and click on Haqihana harnesses or Haqihana leads.

If you have any questions about the harnesses, please contact us or give us a ring on 01763 256917.

To watch Turid's video about the benefits of harnesses click here.

"Sandy enjoyed her walk in the sun with her new Haqihana harness today, I was surprised how well I could feel her body movements through the lead compared to her other harnesses."

- Sally Marchant

Comments | Posted By Sally Marchant

New website is open!

2 Mar 2014 16:08:57

We welcome you to the brand new Dog & Bone website!

A huge amount of effort has been put in by us all here (perhaps with the exception of office dog Sandy) and we hope you like the result.  Lots more exciting improvements are already in the pipeline, but for now you can enjoy PayPal integration, and very soon you will be able to sign up and log in with your Facebook, Twitter, Google and Yahoo accounts.

Please do let us know what you think, how we can improve things for you, and any new products you think we should shop.

Comments | Posted By Kevin Marchant

Seasons Greetings from Dog & Bone

4 Dec 2014 14:54:52

Busy busy busy!

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Comments | Posted By Pauline Rowe

New Haqihana!

28 Jan 2015 10:54:06

We have now received great new products from Haqihana.  There is a new size of harness for the tiniest of dogs - look for XXXS size.  We can also offer you reflective harnesses and leads - brown with a reflective strip - to help to see your four-legged friend in the dark. (no image available for these yet).

Haqihana also make special harnesses for very deep chested or long-bodied dogs.  E-mail us for more information at info@dog-and-bone.co.uk

Comments | Posted By Pauline Rowe

Calming Canines

3 Mar 2015 16:58:49

New Through a Dog's Ear CDs

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Comments | Posted By Pauline Rowe

Pets home alone videos pop up around the internet all the time. We came across this one which really grabbed our attention…

What happened when this cat and dog were left home alone’.

Make sure you watch and share it with your friends.

Comments | Posted By Sally Marchant

New seminars are live

23 Nov 2015 14:01:00

We are really looking forward to our upcoming seminars for 2016, tickets for all of these are available on our Seminars page


Brenda Aloff

Handling Reactive Dogs

Training Reactive Dogs

11 and 12 April – Nr Bedford

14 and 15 April – Nr York


David Ryan

How to Change Predatory Chase Behaviour in Dogs

21 May – Manchester


Kamal Fernandez

Making your classes fun and effective  

31 May – Nr Cambridge

Using Toys as a Reward

29 June – Nr Stevenage


Claudia Fugazza

Do As I Do

6 and 7 October – Nr York

8 and 9 October – Nr Bedford

Comments | Posted By Sally Marchant

The Gadget Show reviews i-CalmDog

25 Nov 2015 14:47:23

icalmdogOn the 9th November 2015 the Gadget Show reviewed what they thought of the iCalmDog that we'd loaned them to try out.  Their finding was that it worked really well.  Thank you Gadget Show.


Comments | Posted By Pauline Rowe


2 Dec 2015 13:56:07

We were asked recently if we sold Haqihana "pochettes" because they're "really lovely".  We had to find out more. The little pochette is tiny pouch that fits over the Haqihana harness and is just big enough to hold a dog ID tag (included) and poo bag. 

They are lovely: small and compact in real leather but with an antique finish.  We are pleased to add them to our stock. 

They also come in a tiny draw string cloth bag and would make the ideal Christmas gift to a Haqihana fan.

0 Comments | Posted By Pauline Rowe

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